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Friends of gAyCU

National group

Friends of gAyCU is the national group for Australian Catholic University (ACU) students, staff, community and alumni who welcome and support people who are queer, gay, lesbian bisexual, trans, intersex, same-sex attracted, gender diverse and/or questioning in our community. We also include members from the University of Notre Dame community.

In addition to the Guiding Principles, and vision and purpose of Friends of gAyCU, the national group:
  • builds the profile of Friends of gAyCU as a worthwhile and significant national grassroots movement within the ACU community
  • provides space for national across-university dialogue, collaboration, and coordination.
  • builds community, friendships and identity as a national university
  • provides updates and events of a significant or national nature

Campus groups

Friends of gAyCU has branch groups in each of the six Australian Catholic University campuses as well as a group for University of Notre Dame people.

These campus groups have been set up to:
  • Build community and friendships on each campus
  • Increase leadership and ownership of Friends gAyCU on each campus
  • Foster better organisation and communication of campus-specific events and happenings
  • Provide a more comfortable space to post behind a join request wall
Each Campus group's logo incorporates the respective campus colour.

gAyCU 'ND Friends (Notre Dame)

Member Expectations

  1. Friends of gAyCU is a safe space. All contributions are welcomed only to the extent that they are open and respectful, particularly in regards to privacy.
  2. Bear in mind that many people in our community work or intend to work in Catholic or religious organisations and "outing" could lead to discrimination, dismissal and/or endanger future job prospects. The "pink" or "rainbow" ceiling is very real in our community. Please show some discernment.
  3. Any member who shows lack of respect for other members may be politely educated/warned and may be blocked if deemed warranted. Admins reserve the right to block or remove any material and any person or group.
  4. If a member sees, feels or experiences something from another member that makes them feel uncomfortable, isolated, intimidated or harassed as a result of their views or membership of this group, please contact Gay Cu confidentially via Facebook or Contact Us.

Joining Friends of gAyCU

To join Friends of gAyCU simply visit our Facebook group and click join.

When joining, also consider friending "Gay Cu"  to gain access to daily news stories, informal discussions, links and updates.