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gAyCU is a social support group for students, staff and alumni of ACU and ND who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, same-sex attracted, gender diverse and/or questioning.

gAyCU is a friendly, diverse and welcoming group. Members have opportunities to chat and meet other people on both their own and other campuses. gAyCU members enjoy access to their own private Facebook discussion board, more targeted resources, links and event information. Social events and meet ups are held throughout the year.

gAyCU is built on mutual trust and respect. In accordance with our Guiding Principles we are foremost guided by concern for the welfare of members who for whatever reason may be vulnerable. It is for this reason that we have developed our Member Expectations and Privacy Notes (below) which we ask all current and prospective members to agree to and abide by.

If you are interested in joining gAyCU, please continue reading until the end of this page.

Member Expectations

  1. By joining gAyCu, you are agreeing to keep the membership of the group secret. You will show discretion and discernment by not showing, discussing or disclosing the members of the group or any discussions or other content or communications that occur.
  2. gAyCU is a safe private space.  Free from homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, sizeism and racism. People are free and welcome to identify or not identify however they wish and express their gender and/or sexuality in whatever way they want. No one will "police" other's sexual identity, gender identity or gender expression (or lack of any of the above). People may choose their own labels or no labels.
  3. Any member who shows lack of respect for other members may be politely educated/warned and may be blocked if deemed warranted.  The Admin reserves the right to block or remove any material and any person or group.
  4. gAyCU is not a dating service. Anyone using the group inappropriately or sexually harassing members will be dealt with strongly and may be kicked out (this includes contact outside the group, both online through Facebook, MSN etc and in person)
  5. If a member sees, feels or experiences something that makes them feel uncomfortable, isolated, intimidated or harassed as a result of their views or membership of gAyCU, please contact Gay Cu confidentially.

Privacy Notes

  • Facebook group settings set to "secret"
  • Not displayed in profile
  • Not displayed in newsfeeds (for nonmembers)
  • Not accessible by search or links (for nonmembers)
  • Facebook member list and group content and interaction is viewable by other gAyCU members. Some content such as photos or notes may be posted/accessible on Friends of gAyCU and/or on Gay Cu or another's profile. Members should check where content is located and show due care when commenting on such content.
  • Admin invite only. Admin must be able to access your profile (at least until invite is sent, timing can be prearranged)
  • All requests to join are screened for appropriateness and peace of mind. Admin reserves right to request more time and information.
  • Admin reserves right to not issue an invite and remove access at any time.

Joining gAyCU

For privacy reasons, membership and access to gAyCU requires an admin invite. Due to Facebook limitation, invite can only be sent once.

For more info or to join Facebook message Gay Cu or contact Gay Cu via email.

When requesting to join, to make the process easier be sure to include why you want to join.