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Guiding Principles

Friends of gAyCU members are united in commitment and exploration of our 5 Guiding Principles:
  1. Compassion
  2. Inclusion
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Respect for human dignity and diversity
  5. Removal of unjust discrimination
These 5 Guiding Principles were adapted from the University's Mission and policies, Section 2358 of the Catholic Catechism and community discussion. Members of Friends of gAyCU may have varying interpretations of these Guiding Principles in light of their own beliefs, religious traditions and lived experiences.

ACU is an inclusively public university open to all.

Friends of gAyCU:
  • welcomes, supports and includes people who are queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, same-sex attracted, sex and gender diverse and/or questioning in our community
  • endeavours to centre voices and experiences that are otherwise silenced and create a safe and welcoming place at the "Table" where people feel empowered to speak about their own lived experiences
  • nurtures an environment of inclusion, collaboration and mutual respect
  • welcomes and respects all people. All identities, all sexualities or no sexuality, all genders or no gender, faiths, no faith, beliefs, nationalities, cultures, sizes, shapes, abilities and disabilities
  • values and is enriched by the diversity of its members

Together we stand in solidarity to support the dignity and diversity of all people and commit ourselves to the common good.

NB: Friends of gAyCU, as a group, does not take a theological position on diverse sexualities, genders or relationships.