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This Page is a Work in Progress

We plan to provide a history of gAyCU, Gay Straight Alliances and other groups for queer students and their allies at ACU. Many groups have existed over the years on different campuses, in different forms and in various names. We'd like to recognise this history and the contribution of these groups by gathering some of this information together in one place. This will provide a historical context as well as a record for students, staff and alumni to refer to.

Contact Gay Cu with any memories or other info.

A simple timeline history of Friends of gAyCU in its current incarnation

22 August 2008
"Gay Cu" attempted to create Gay Cu profile - had to email and register manually to use the name Gay. Chooses 17 May (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) as her birthday because her initial choice of December 1 (World AIDS Day) would not make her 18 (as you had to be at the time) and she wanted to be no more than 18.

28 August 2008
Gay Cu profile created after request actioned by Facebook

September 2008-January 2009
Gay Cu was unsure whether to go ahead with the groups/the idea in general. Worries about her own privacy and that of others. Gay Cu spends these months learning about how Facebook groups operate and trying to think out for herself how the group or maybe groups might work.

Events during this period reinforced to Gay Cu the need to socially support queer students at ACU.

14 February 2009
Gay Cu sends out first general friend requests (?)

15 February 2009
gAyCU and Friends of gAyCU (national group) receive first members. Friends of gAyCU initially set up as a closed group (request to join). gAyCU set to "secret" from the outset

20 February 2009
Friends of gAyCU is opened to public to "allow the group to grow". Leaves open the option of changing back to closed once "awareness of the group has grown".

1 March 2009 - 8:35 pm
50 members

2 March 2009
69 members

11 March 2009
115 members

March 2009 - Mardi Gras Parade
First meet-up with gAyCU members

March 2009
First posters put up around Strathfield campus. Two designs. Mainly in women's bathrooms.
One student takes the initiative and makes and puts up his own awesome poster.

4 April 2009
133 members

April - September 2009

Gay Cu is unable to spend time on the groups.

6 May 2009
142 members

15 June 2009
163 members

28 October 2009
208 members

16 November 2009
250 members

January 2010
Gay gets frustrated with Facebook/Facebook notes and starts the website so she can publish the ACU Facebook Directory (around 80? groups at the time)
Gay starts a twitter acccount - twitter.com/gaycu
326 members
Around 36 members officially in gAyCU group, around 10 "associate" members.
Campus groups created - initially as open then the larger ones became request to join then all became request to join (privacy reasons).

15 February 2010 - 1st Birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday Friends of gAyCU! :-DDD

A year today since our humble group started :-D

We started as a small request to join facebook group and have grown to a 400+ member open group, 7 "request to join" campus groups and 1 "secret" national gAyCU group for same sex attracted and gender diverse people in our ACU 'ND community.

42 links posted (+25 gAyCU +178 on Gay Cu's profile ), 37 photos, half a dozen "events" (meet-ups), countless new and strengthened friendships, many seeds planted in people's hearts.

Since we've started, we've designed a logo and posters, started a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/gaycu) and started a website (http://sites.google.com/site/friendsofgaycu/).

Change is happening, hearts are expanding. We have had numerous successes throughout the year, we may not always be able to share them but they are happening and certainly make us feel very warm and fuzzy :-D

We could not have done this without your goodwill and encouragement. I am so so so so thankful and so proud of our student community.

As a lesbian fellow student, thank you x 100000000000

March 2010
Fair Day
Mardi Gras Parade
Equal Love Rally

30 March 2010
502 members
Gay purchases gaycu.org as a celebration present for reaching 500 members

May 2010
New goal of 750 members by end of Semester 2 2010
Equal Love Rally
Friends of gAyCU has 4 new admins promoted