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Who is Gay Cu?

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Gay Cu (pronounced Gay Coo) is an individual student at Strathfield campus who is passionate about student success, equity, diversity and engagement. Gay loves going to the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and highly recommends it to potential students.

Gay started the gAyCU (pronounced Gay-C-U) and Friends of gAyCU Facebook groups because at times Gay has felt isolated at ACU because of her sexuality and she'd like to help others feel less isolated. Gay's met many great gay and straight friends at ACU but would like to make that process easier, especially for people just coming out.

Gay heard about previous initiatives on individual ACU campuses and on MySpace and decided to bring students from all campuses together on Facebook to support student diversity.

Gay would love to hear from anyone from previous similar groups or initiatives or just from past (and current) students about their time at ACU (History page coming soon!)

Gay is in a long term relationship with her girlfriend and likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Why all the secrecy?

Firstly, and ultimately, Gay Cu's identity does not matter. Her vision is for a starting point for people to come together on each campus and across the university to talk, show their support and put ideas into practice.

The "secret identity" is because Gay goes to church and would like to continue to work with and in the Catholic/religious sector. Gay has a strong and developing faith that is often tested but not yet abandoned.

Gay finds the "Gay Cu" mask a great way to engage openly and meaningfully with people in an environment that is safe and judgment free for all involved.