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About the ACU Facebook Directory (288 listed)

The ACU Facebook Directory contains over 280 groups, pages and profiles and was created to help students, staff and alumni find relevant and interesting ACU-related Facebook groups, pages and profiles.

The ACU Facebook Directory is compiled and maintained as a community service to simplify things and makes it easier to find groups that are not always apparent on first search. On Facebook, there are over 2100 groups, over 1000 pages and over 4700 profiles returned when searching for "ACU".  Some of ACU groups are obscure enough that they would generally only be discovered if you knew precisely what you were searching for or saw the group on a friend's profile.

As a thank you, on any group or pages that you join, consider posting on their wall that you found them through this page. If that group has a link to this Directory, consider "like"-ing the link :-)

Contact Gay Cu to suggest any additions or changes or to report a broken or misdirected link. You can ask Gay to invite/suggest your ACU group to relevant people, for example, people on your campus (Gay has 600+ ACU friends). Gay can also help with suggestions to make your group easier to find using search. Gay Cu also loves friend requests :-)

Disclaimer: All links are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement or affiliation with any of the groups, their members or views expressed therein.

NB: Numbers in brackets may not always be accurate as groups may be added since they were last updated.

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National/International Groups (10)

Australian Catholic University (ACU) (official)

ACU Library (official)

Australian Catholic University Alumni Association (official)

ACU International (official)

ACUNSA  - (ACU’s National Student Association)

Australian Catholic University Postgraduate Students Association

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ACU First Years 2010 (7)

More First Years 2010 groups can also be found under cohort and course/faculty groups.

ACU First Years 2010 (all campuses)

ACU | First Years | 2010

Aquinas OWEEK 2010 (Ballarat - Aquinas Social)

Australian Catholic University Signadou O Week 2010 (Canberra)

ACU O'week Canberra


ACU OCamp 2010

Campus Groups (17)

Aquinas, Ballarat (3)

ACU Aquinas

ACU Aquinas Campus Ballarat

I was a Camillus Resident/Inmate

McAuley, Banyo, Brisbane (1)

ACU Brisbane Campus

St Patrick's, Fitzroy Melbourne (2)

ACU Fitzroy

Australian Catholic University (Melb)

Mackillop, North Sydney (1)

Australian Catholic University Mackillop (North Sydney) Campus

Mount Saint Mary, Strathfield (3)

ACU Strathfield

ACU Strathfield Campus, P.R.I.D.E.

Australian Catholic University Mount Saint Mary Campus

Signadou, Canberra (3)


Signadou ACU Campus

Signadou Signaroos

Other Campuses/Sites (incl previous campuses) (4)

ACU Mercy Campus

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Student Associations (16)

ACU Presidents  (past and present SRC/SA presidents)

 What's going on with Aquinas Social

Aquinas Student Association

SCSA: Strathfield Campus Student Association


I <3 ACU (Strathfield campus newsletter)

ACU Mackillop Student Association (MAKSA)

North Sydney Campus Student Association

McAuley Student Association

McAuley Student Association

MCSA (Melbourne)

Melbourne Campus Student Association

Mcsa Melbourne

Signadou Events Committee

ACU/Signadou Party Crew

Signadou Ssa

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Clubs/Societies/Groups (42)

Additional groups of interest can also be found under Alumni Groups, Faculty/Discipline/Course Groups and Cohort Groups.

Faith-based (5)

ACU Campus Ministry, Melbourne

ACU Strathfield Campus Ministry

ACU Youth For Christ Campus Based (Strathfield)

CASS@ACU (Catholic Asian Students Society) (Strathfield based)

SCM@ACU (Signadou Campus Ministry)

Friends of gAyCU (8)

gAyCU – Msg “Gay Cu” for an invite (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, same-sex attracted, gender diverse and/or questioning, all campuses)

Friends of gAyCU (for everyone who supports student diversity at ACU)

Ballarat Friends of gAyCU

Brisbane Friends of gAyCU

Canberra Friends of gAyCU

Melbourne Friends of gAyCU

North Sydney Friends of gAyCU

Strathfield Friends of gAyCU

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Performing and Visual Arts (8)

ACU Choir - Aquinas Ballarat - Fan Club/Member Page

ACU Melbourne Movie Club

ACU Performing Arts (ACUPA) (Melbourne based)

ACU Actors Anonymous

poeticaholics unanimous collective (punc) (Melbourne)

Show Us Your Doodle (online, all campuses)

Thespians on the Mount (Strathfield)

The McASA Comic Book Club (Brisbane)

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Social Justice/Community Engagement (4)

ACUSA – ACU Students for Awareness

ACUVinnies (Strathfield based)

Peer Leadership Network ACU (Ballarat Campus)

Signadou Social Justice Committee

Wired Radio (3)

ACU Wired Brisbane

ACU Wired Canberra

ACU Wired Melbourne

Other (14)

ACU Exercise Science Drinking Society (ESDS)

ACU Greek Society (Strathfield based)

ACU Hermits United (ACUHU) (online, make new ACU friends, all campuses)

ACUMates Melbourne (International and local students getting to know each other)

ACUMates North Sydney

ACUPinoys (Melbourne)

ACU Strathfield Mature Age Student

ACU Students for Palestine (Melbourne based)

ACU VN ACU VN (Vietnamese group, Melbourne)

ACU – The International Club (TIC) (North Sydney based)

Australian Catholic University Liberty Society (Melbourne based)

GLOBAL PSYCH: Psychology, Behavioural Science & Counselling

SIFE ACU  SIFE ACU (Students in Free Enterprise,  National)

The Vault Bar (V Bar) (Melbourne)

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Sport (19)

General (7)

ACU Sport

ACU Football

ACU Aquinas Sport

ACU Mounties (Strathfield)

ACU North Sydney Sport

Signadou Sport

Signadou NRL Tipping Comp 2009

Sports/Squads/Teams (8)

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National Events Groups (9)

The Big Event 2010 (TBE2010)

ACU National Social Justice Youth Forum

ACU National Students to the Red Centre

ACU Students to WYD08

ACU National World Youth Day Pilgrims

SpiritAliveFest – ACU National Strathfield

Ballarat (Aquinas) ACU Pilgrims

ACU Alive 07

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Campus  Event Groups (3)

ACU drama 'Midsummer Night's Dream' production 2009

ACU Innaugrual Exercise Science Ball!

'Skating on Sandgate Road' drama fan club

Other/Random/Just for Fun (26)

Demanding some sort of action/Complaining/Petitions (14)

ACU Brisbane UNI BAR!! are you interested?

ACU McAuley needs to expand the carpark


ACU Turn the bloody air con down



I don’t go to uni, I go to ACU

I have to walk a mile to get to Aquinas every day cause I can't get a park


If you don’t like ACU then LEAVE

Now, I have to hike up the hill at ACU Brisbane because I can't get a park!

Our beloved A.C.U is now a tragic Chaddy carpark!!!!

The draining wait at the ACU Elevators

We Want An ACU Jersey

Other/Random/Just for Fun (12)

ACU Facebook Group

ACU is going out... (Melbourne)

ACU Rocks My Socks

ACU Party Group (Canberra)

ACU Stalker Space!

ACU Texas Hold 'Em aficionados

The Fields of ACU

The Random ACU Jesus Tree Appreciation Society

Theology students are just better, period.

You know you've been a MAKSA rep too long if...

You know you live on Camillus when…

"The Row"

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Alumni Groups (3)

ACU BT/BA (Secondary: Technology) Graduates

ACU Exercise Science Alumni (Melbourne based)

ACU Graduate Teachers

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Faculty/Discipline/Course Groups (20)

Arts and Sciences ()

ACU-National: School of Arts and Sciences

ACU Economics

ACU Environmental Science

ACU Psych Forum

ACU "Theatrical Studies" (Drama)

Music@ACU Melbourne!

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Business and Informatics(1)

People doing a Bachelor of Business degree at ACU North Sydney

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Education (6)

ACU Bachelor of education and arts/teaching (melb)

ACU Grad Dip & Masters in Education

ACU Preservice Teachers

ACU Strathfield ATSI

Bussiness and Commerce ACU

ACU Teaching

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Nursing (7)

ACU Banyo Midwifery Students

ACU Nursing

ACU Snurses Association (Melbourne based)

Australian Catholic University – Bachelor of Nursing

Australian Catholic University (Brisbane) Nursing/Paramedicine

Australian Catholic University Ba Nursing Aquinas Ballarat

Paraquinas (Paramedics Ballarat)

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Cohort Groups (116)

By Campus (19)

ACU Brisbane 2009

Australian Catholic Uni Banyo Grads Reunited

I went to ACU in 97/98...but spent most of my time @ VC's!  (North Sydney)

ACU National Alumni ‘04– North Sydney Mackillop Campus

ACU Aquinas Ballarat 1986-1988

ACu Aquinas - Teaching Graduates (1993-1996)

Patrician House 1994

ACU, Aquinas Ballarat 1996 - 2001

ACU Aquinas 1999-2003

ACU Aquinas 4th Years Rule 2002

Camillus Residents 2010

Australian Catholic University Students 1998 -2002 (Christ campus?)

ACu Class of '93 (Strathfield)

ACU '06' (Strathfield)

ACU Strathfield Class of 2008(ish) (2005-2008)

ACU Community

ACU Christ Campus – Family Studies

O'Camp 2009 (Melbourne)

Australian Catholic University Students 1998 -2002 (Chadstone)

Arts/Business/Informatics Cohorts (5)

ACU BBus Class of '01

ACU Honours 2009

First Year Psychology at ACU- 2010 (Brisbane)

HR Graduates of ACU 2008

ACU Psychology '08 (we heart xochitl!!)

Education Cohorts (40)

Pre-2000 (4)

ACU Mackillop Primary Teaching 92

ACU McKillop Campus Primary Teaching Reunion 1993

ACU McAuley Teaching Graduates 1993

ACU Aquinas Teaching Graduates (1993-1996)

2001-2005 (4)

Australian Catholic University: St. Patrick's Class of 2003; Teachers

ACU Banyo ~ Primary Education Graduates of 2003

Welcome 2005 ACU Primary Teaching Graduates!

2005 ACU Secondary Teaching Graduates (Strathfield)

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2006-2010 (22)

ACU BEd (Grad) '05 - '06 (Melbourne)

ACU Grad Dip Ed 2006 (Sydney)

ACU Mount Saint Mary Campus: Bachelor of Education 2006

ACU Melbourne ~ Education Graduates of 2007

ACU Primary Education Graduates 2007 (Brisbane)

Grad Dip Edu @ Signadou '07

ACU Dip Ed 2007 (Melbourne)

Mst of Teaching Primary Graduates 07/08

DPED 2008 ACU Melbourne

ACU Primary Ed Graduates ‘08

ACU Bachelor of Education (Graduate Entry) Primary Class of ‘08

ACU Primary Education Graduates 2008

ACU MSM MTeach 2008

ACU Grad Dip Ed 2008

ACU Melbourne BEd Primary Graduates 2009

Bachelor of Education Students Ballarat – Class of 2009

BTeach/BA 2009

ACU Strathfield Primary Education (2010?)

2009 ACU (MELBOURNE CAMPUS) GradDipEd(Secondary) [AND/OR GradCert RE]

4th yr BTBA Students 2010 - ACU Strathfield

ACU b.Ed Primary 2007-2010 (Melbourne)

ACU Graduate DipEd (Secondary) 2010

2011-2015 (10)

ACU Ballarat Bachelor of Education 2011

ACU Bachelor of Education 2011

ACU Bachelor of Primary Education 2nd Years (Melbourne) (? Class of 2011?)

ACU MTeach Primary '11 (Melbourne)

Australian Catholic University B Ed Primary 2011 (Melbourne?)

ACU Strathfield - BT/BA Technology 2nd year 2010

ACU BaEd (Early Chd & Prim) 2010-2013 (Melbourne)

ACU First Years Bach Ed (Early Childhood and Primary) (class of 2010-2013, all campuses)

For all first year education students at ACU (commencing 2010, Brisbane)

ACU- Bachelor of Education Primary (Melbourne, class of 2013)

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Exercise Science/Out Door Rec/Human Movement Cohorts (8)

‘Ooman Movement (Bachelor of Applied Science - Human Movement 96-99)

Exercise Science 2007 (Melbourne based)

ACU Exercise Science 2008

ACU Exercise Science (2010) (Strathfield based)

ACU Exercise Science Strathfield 2009 first year students

ACU Exercise Science 2011

ACU Exercise Science ’11 (Melbourne based)

ACU Out Door Rec class of 11! (Melbourne based)

Nursing/Widwifery cohorts (12)

Midwifery ACU 2006

ACU Graduate Nurses 2007

ACU Melbourne Bach of Nursing 07

ACU Bachelor of Nursing 2009

ACU Bachelor of Nursing (Class of 2010) (all campuses)

Bacher of Midwifery 2008-2010 – ACU St Pat’s

A.C.U Nursing - Division 2 Group 2009 (Melbourne)

ACU Nursing Certificate 4 Group A

ACU Nursing Friendship Society (North Sydney "First Years", not sure which year)

ACU (brisbane) Ba Nursing (first year 2010)

ACU Ballarat Nurses & Parameds 1st Year 2010

ACU Physiotherapy '10

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Social Work Cohorts (1)

Social Work @ ACU '07 Sydney

Visual Arts and Design Cohorts (3)

WE ARE - 2007 Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design exhibition

ACU Visual Arts Melbourne Class of 2009

MISC 09 BVAD Graduation Exhibition

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Exchange and International Cohorts (7)

Exchange Students at ACU Melbourne 2009

ACU Melbourne International Students 2010

ACU Exchange Students '08

ACU Community

ACU Spring 2006
acu nurses that rocked vanuatu in 2009

Unit Cohorts (8)

ACU ETHN107 Australian Society

ACU Cert IV Nursing Group C (or Z)

ACU Melbourne EDPH306 pics

I am trying to survive STAT102


T21 - Div2 Nursing Trainee's 

Third year education gala performance group!! (Melbourne, class of 2011?)

EDPH366 Thursday 10am Tute (Melb, Sem 1 2010)

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