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General link for University policies

University's Mission and Values

Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity Page
Equal Opportunity Policy June 2008

Selected excerpts (p1-2):
  • The University supports the principles of equal opportunity in employment and education for its staff and students. This is consistent with the essential characteristics of the University‚Äôs mission and concern for social justice and equity.(p1)

  • promote equal opportunity

  • prevent unlawful, direct and indirect discrimination, including sexual harassment;

  • address, where appropriate and lawful, the effects of education disadvantage or past discriminatory practices within the general community, particularly in respect of disadvantaged groups within the University community;

  • adopt policies, procedures and programs consistent with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination principles (p1)

  • consult, as appropriate with staff and students. Procedures and programs will be monitored and evaluated against stated objectives.

Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and Harassment page
DHA Brochure
Discrimination and Harassment Advisers

Discrimination and Harassment Policy - June 2008

Selected excerpts (p1-3):
  • Australian Catholic University supports Christian principles of justice and equity.
  • The University aims to foster an environment that generates considerate relationships among all members of the University community based on dignity and respect for the individual
  • equal opportunity for every member of the University community
  • In the interests of preventing incidents of unlawful discrimination and unlawful harassment, the University may institute any number of measures, including but not limited to:
    (i) encouraging and supporting managers and supervisors to develop positive environments for study and work;
    (ii) providing information to all members of the University community;
    (iii) providing education and training, electronically or otherwise (which includes dissemination of this policy and induction training); and
    (iv) if appropriate, instituting public awareness campaigns on campuses on a periodic basis

Bullying in the Working or Learning Environment

Code of Conduct - Staff

Code of Conduct - Students


ACUNSA Documents

Student Association Constitutions